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Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Most Common Types Of Tooth Fillings Howell

By Linda Martin

Filling up cavities after removing the decayed teeth is a common dental technology that has been practiced for years. It is among the dental technologies that have witnessed great success over the years. The most popular of all techniques utilized for filling up cavities is by use of dental fillings. If you have decided to invest in dental fillers, below are some of the best tooth fillings Howell you should know of.

Amalgam is the oldest and most popular dental filler. It is normally created from mixtures of common natural compounds like mercury, silver, copper, zinc and tin. Though the cheapest teeth restorative filler available, it can last for up to ten years. The problem with amalgam is that it corrodes with time and do not always match the color of natural teeth.

Gold fillers are known to be the most durable and expensive filling materials available. Gold fillers offer full protection to your cavity which ensures bacteria, food and saliva cannot penetrate to harm the other teeth. One great thing with gold fillers is that they are resistance to discoloring and corrosion. The downside of gold filling materials their being very expensive.

Composite resin fillers are likewise popular today. Composite resins bond effectively with the natural teeth providing high aesthetic appeal. Since composite resins are heat cured, they are usually resistant to corrosion and damage. The bad thing with these fillers is limited durability and strict installation requirements.

Ceramics, normally referred to as porcelain fillings are as well a promising choice of filler to opt for. Unlike other fillings, ceramics need to be installed permanently on the tooth cavity. They are immune to discoloration and abrasion. The worst thing with ceramics is that they are fragile and easily gets damaged if not treated with care.

Glass ionomer are made of a mixture of fluoroaluminosilicate glass particles and acrylic material. Ionomer usually matches the exact color of teeth and always releases fluoride which is essential for protecting your teeth from further damage. These fillings bond properly to the teeth preventing leakage and decay. The only downside with this filling material is that it is very weak and may not last for long.

Other popular dental filling systems are compomers. Compomers are specially created from composite resins and glass ionomer particles. Compomers have excellent mechanical and visual properties. However, compomers have among the worst wear properties which mean they are not quite durable.

If you have a decayed or damaged tooth that you think cannot be repaired, it is a wonderful idea to consider investing in dental fillers. These systems are very impressive and can last for decades before they start showing signs of damage. However, not all dental fillers are the same since they vary in durability and beauty. There are some which are more beautiful and durable than others. When you decide to get dental filler installed, it is recommended you first consult with your doctor. They will advise you accordingly and prevent you from making unnecessary mistakes.

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