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Monday, February 27, 2017

Learn The Advantages Of Having Microblade Brows

By Andrew Wallace

It is believed that aside from your teeth, the eyebrows are important facial features. Beyond their functions as a filter against sweat and dirt that might get into the eyes, eyebrows have a strong significance for facial recognition and emotional expression. That is why it is worth going the next stage to have them done by a person who knows what it means to shape the brows.

Over the past few years, microblading becomes the newest trend in Calgary, AB Canada in the world of makeup. Many people, particularly the women are taking advantage of this effective and new way to make the brows to look fuller without the trouble of applying makeup on a day to day basis. As you can notice, Calgary microblade brows are the most in demand improvements nowadays.

The microblading process has brought a lot of advantages to all women. One of its advantages is the reduced time in getting ready for work every morning. Basically, almost all professional women truly understand that they need to put makeup before they go to work. But, the process of making yourself presentable can be time consuming and even tiresome.

But since microblading is semi permanent, no need to waste your time. You only need to fill in your brows and make them beautiful. In addition, it offers individuals with diseases and hair loss due to chemo process a natural looking look. As you see, microblading was originally founded for cancer patients who had gone through chemo and lost their eyebrow.

However, its natural looking feature makes it had to tell if someone had a procedure done, giving the patients a much better alternative. Furthermore, it does not look dirty or oily when exercising which is a great advantage for people who have an active lifestyle. Usually, the pigments will be implanted into the layers of your skin.

Thus, without adding any colors to the face, you can still enjoy a physical activity without the worries of losing the look of the eyebrows. Typically, having a regular brow would never make it through a yoga session. So, having a microblade eyebrow is a good alternative for better enjoyment with your physical activities.

Furthermore, each session will only take not more than two hours which is a huge advantage on your part, especially if you are busy. Also, the method is painless. Once you undergo the first session, the microblading artist will be using a numbing cream so you cannot feel the pain. The cream helps you feel nothing during the method.

The good thing is that it would last for up to three years. But this will depend on other environmental factors such as too much exposure to sunlight and not made permanently. Fortunately, it allows you to change the shape of your brow with the newest trend since it only lasts one to three years.

The pigments will not change the color but may lose saturation. These pigments are often organic and specifically made so it will not change the color. But as the day goes by, the saturation may lose due to some factors. Generally, taking the procedure is the safest and effective one. It not only make you beautiful but also save you more money.

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