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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Learning About Cytauxzoonosis With East End Tick Control Companies

By David Kellan

There are many tickborne illnesses that affect humans, but there are others that seem to be focused on animals. If you're a pet owner, for example, it's important that you know about cytauxzoonosis. East end tick control companies will agree, but the specifics of cytauxzoonosis might be unclear to you. If you'd like a better understanding of this condition and what might be done to prevent it, here are some details offered by east end tick control companies.

For those that don't know, cytauxzoonosis is a tickborne illness that is transmitted to cats through a specific protozoon. Domestic cats of all types are at risk of developing this disease, but it seems like some breeds are more susceptible than others. Most cases are seen in the southern half of the United States, so anyone living in said area should be especially vigilant. Research has shown, though, that any domestic cat is at risk.

The symptoms of cytauxzoonosis are numerous, as you might have imagined. Specifically, cats that have fallen ill will experience such things as depression, anorexia, jaundice, and the high fevers typically associated with tickborne illnesses. While these are serious symptoms, Hampton tick control specialists will be able to tell you about remedies and preventive measures alike. Here is what you should know from companies like Alternative Earthcare.

If you want to discuss preventive measures, as they relate to cytauxzoonosis, pet owners should keep their cats away from areas where ticks may be prevalent. For many pet owners, this is easy enough, seeing as how most domestic cats stay indoors. If you detect your cat exhibiting symptoms like the ones mentioned earlier, contact your local veterinarian as soon as possible. If you're able to detect this illness early enough, your vet will have an easier time treating it.

Hopefully these details have helped you better understand what cytauxzoonosis is all about. Despite the fact that it's a serious condition, it's not exactly an incurable one. At worst, it can be moderated in a number of ways, courtesy of the treatments and technology that we enjoy today. Your pet deserves the best care so if you take the time to learn about cytauxzoonosis, you'll become that much more knowledgeable of a pet owner.

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