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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A Deeper Understanding Of Emotion Detection Technology

By Frank Foster

Generally, some marketing buzzwords usually become so popular and then fade way so fast after they have been heard. However, some of those words have proved of value and have extensive existence, thereby proving their worth. Emotion detection technology has been there for quite some time, and is usually intended to significantly alter operations of various sectors such as medicine, marketing advertisements, and websites based on the emotional reactions of their audience.

The technology essentially sounds futuristic even though its achievement seems much closer to reality. As a matter of fact, it is already in the roll out and many players are embracing its use. The technique thrives on the principle of buyers being driven by emotions whenever they make purchasing decisions. Such emotions can hence be tapped by sellers to persuade buyers into buying their products and services.

For example, during Christmas seasons, big retailers undertake huge spending on running television adverts that feature product information and this has proved very beneficial. Ideally, the trick is to tap into the emotional rollercoasters that buyers posses so as to keep them glued to the products and brands of the seller. The new invention however enables this to be done in a manner that is very effective but small scale.

There are also different sectors which are adopting this new invention other than from the business sector. Such a field is the medicine field, where through telemedicine, patients van be evaluated over their mobile devices such as the smartphones and tablets. This is because of the ability of the medical professionals to bring out what the patients feel. Basically, almost all smartphones and tablets have a face recognition technique which relies on the use cameras. Basically, telemedicine picks up the various facial cues so as to establish your emotions.

Additionally, telemedicine vendors interested in areas such as telepsychiatry are now able to understand how patients feel even when the patient is physically away from them. Emotional detecting technologies generally offers a number of benefits. These benefits are accrued to different sectors.

To begin with, companies having vested interests to understand their targeted clients can now develop an easy understanding of reactions by clients to their products and the contents of those products. Consequently, they can address the different questions pertaining to the quality and specifications of their products. This, therefore results in the development of services and products that are suiting the demands of clients.

Again, emotion-enabling technologies have proved to be beneficial through its application on wearable glasses. Their application to these devices enable the visually impaired to read the reactions on the faces of other people. As a result, they can easily interpret the emotions of other people.

On the other hand, the invention has also been beneficial to the health tech companies through assistance in development of various ways to assess the emotions of the patients. This remains interesting to the great impact of these technologies and if it would be useful in other mainstream sectors. Generally, people use this technology to understand other people better in daily activities of life.

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