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Friday, March 24, 2017

Bloggers Help Promote Mothers Sanity

By Joyce Martin

Motherhood is a wonderful thing. Fortunately. We'd all be in bad shape without it. But women with children can feel isolated. They may feel inadequate; they may feel overwhelmed. Especially in this age when single-family homes are standard, and when many single mothers are struggling alone, having support is important. The internet can be a great resource because there are many sites that talk about a mom's daily pressures, concerns, or problems. These sites can help preserve our mothers sanity.

Specific problems may depend on circumstances. A woman who stays home while her husband goes out to earn their living may feel cut off from life. If quality time with other adults is limited, she may ask too much emotional support from her partner. It does not help that society seems to put a higher value on a paycheck than on the role of homemaker.

For this woman, a blog may provide company. It may help keep her in touch with others who are doing the same thing she is or are living in a way that's completely different. A skillful writer of an internet post can certainly provide encouragement and reinforcement, stressing the importance of what homemakers are doing and helping them stay relevant.

Single parents really do have more financial constraints than those who share the responsibility with a husband. However, a married woman may feel meeting the demands of home and children complicated by having to please a man, too. To make things worse, many if not most women (people) are not crazy about keeping a house neat and clean. All homemakers have burdens that vary from light to crushing.

This does not minimize the financial struggles of most single parents. They also must be mom and dad, providing all the emotional support, unconditional love, and moral guidance that children need to thrive. If a woman has to work, she may carry around a load of guilt about putting her children in daycare. Single moms need all the help and comfort they can get.

Even those who have it all on the surface can miss adult conversations. A person with young children can have a totally different lifestyle than her friends who are pursing a career with single-minded determination. Two close friends from high school or college may suddenly have little to talk about. The mother may turn to a blog that discusses topics relevant to her world with relief and gratitude.

Even the comment section can be a release. A reader may find that the blogger seems to have it all together but other readers feel as discontented or unequal to the task as she does. Honest discussions can arise online that are as interesting as those conducted with friends over cups of coffee.

Women can find numerous blogs online and find one that suits them and their situation. A virtual coffee clatch or touchy-feely group can mean a lot to someone who has no other outreach, especially at the random moments she may find herself with some precious free time.

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