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Friday, March 10, 2017

Strategies For Staving Off Age Related Muscular Degeneration

By Brian Wagner

Time can cause the body to undergo a variety of changes that are hardly pleasant. Certain developments can alter physical aesthetics and so much more. These developments can actually limit your mobility and reduce your level of health. This is often the case with age related muscular degeneration. Following are a few things that every aging adult should know about this issue along with proven strategies for reversing it or keeping it at bay.

One vital thing to note is that your muscles do more than look good and help you move about. You might think that you need big muscles for lifting heavy things or engaging in other challenging activities. Muscles, however, control a lot of involuntary movements that your body uses to ensure normal function. For instance, each time your heart beats and pumps blood throughout your body, you are flexing a muscle.

When your visible muscles start to deteriorate, you can best believe that internal muscles that are responsible for essential functions are also deteriorating as well. This is a sign of the body shutting down, which is not something that should be considered a part of the normal aging process. You have a right and a responsibility to remain functional and healthy all throughout your golden years.

Implementing a healthy diet that is designed to actually support your muscles is important. You want to start eating plenty of lean protein and should additionally consume low-fat dairy. Limit the amount of sugar that you're eating along with simple, refined carbohydrates. This way, you can load your plate up with nutrient-dense foods instead.

Exercise is critical for keeping this particular problem at bay. A complete exercise plan should include both strength training, and cardiovascular or continuous motion activities like walking, dancing, jogging or swimming. This doesn't have to be a rigorous or aggressive plan, but it must have both of these elements. Doing squats, push-ups and lunges is a great way to increase your muscle endurance and strength. These are all things that will build both the visible and the unseen muscles in your body.

A lot of people experience this issue simply because they become more sedentary as their lives go on. They may suffer from chronic pain such as sore joints or muscle stiffness. Identifying the source of chronic pain and alleviating it will make it much easier to maintain a healthy, balanced and physically active lifestyle. Sometimes, making yourself more active is the first step in alleviating chronic pain, even though this might seem surprising.

One major cause of issues such as this is too much stress. All seniors should have a flexible range of stress-busting activities that they can engage in. While being a senior probably seems like it should be stress-free especially given that most of these individuals are retired, living on fixed income and dealing with feelings of loneliness are just some of the many things that can cause anxiety in this demographic.

The absolute best way to preserve your muscle tone and functionality is by leading a healthy and active life. Eat a diet that's high in protein and other essential nutrients. Also be sure to implement a physical exercise program that includes both cardiovascular and strength building elements.

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