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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Tradition Of Yagya And Its Folklores

By Henry Peterson

Being faithful can be compared to having super powers as it changes the lives of people from being confused in this world to being enlightened. But, it has its limitations that if controlled by anyone it can be a weakness that can be turned against other beliefs and do things that are against its will. Related to this topic are some areas of religion and tradition, due to society being more engaged in this activity more than anything else in the world and often the subject of disputes.

Beliefs existed a long time ago, going from different tribes having a variety of culture and tradition that in they believe is true. In this case, Yagya or in other term yajna is a performed by the ancient Vedic yagyas to create positive effects and unwanted effects in the different parts of life. The word itself literally means sacrifice, devotion, worship, offering a tradition referred by Hinduism as anything done before a sacred fire often with mantras.

This is said to be an act of surrendering anything for the purpose of gods. Such act is consists of sacred authority and serves for the salvation of the man. Offerings are not that very important, it might be in a form of cake, pulse, mixed milk, an animal, juice of a plant and more.

The folklore conveyed that it can be used for good health, wealth, harmony, and evolution for an individual that seeks guidance. With the help of the internet today, there even offered services that conduct this ritual to people that are interested in trying. It is also believed to be able of predicting life events of a person and necessary yagyas are suggested to obtain a balanced life.

The culture is founded on basic principle, believing and entrusting your life in god, not that quite different compared to modern religion. Folks that follows the way of life are appreciative and lives in harmony with the environment and nature, which is why some mantras are conducted in some areas of the forest that these people live in. With this tradition stories about myths, legends, and gods are told as it is based on experience with one of their people.

Offerings tossed on the fire are oblations towards the god of fire and messenger of gods, Agni. The stories told that Agni take the offerings to gods, and in return, their prayers will be answered. It is an exchange spiritually between the supreme divine beings and human beings in a form of fire.

Society today find this kind of belief ancient and a bit odd for it to still exist as a manner of getting answered prayers. But there is not much of a difference to what the modern people do. It might be refreshing to the eyes of somebody, but the main purpose of the activity is the same.

Yet, there are people who do not believe in this kind of beliefs or in any particular religion. They believe the human evolution and the principle of cause and effect that will direct the path of an individual regarding of its actions. Difficult for them to rely on such principles that are uncertain and unproven by science.

Science is founded on facts, and tradition is founded on faith, but it is fascinating that both of these two is needed to have a balanced life. Traditions are important in remembering what human beings are back in the days, and with the help of science, it indicates that people should evolve. Yagya might be ancient but they are relevant to a life of an individual as long as it serves for better purposes.

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