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Sunday, April 30, 2017

When Will Someone Write A Book About A Mother Guide To Sanity

By Matthew Murray

There are a lot of challenges when you decide to become a parent. Whether you are a single mother ready to do it by yourself, or a wife in a marriage, nothing can get you ready for the road ahead. It would be nice if somebody wrote a book or held classes for a mother guide to sanity. The only sure thing that comes from being a parent is that your child holds many unforeseen adventures that will be discovered in time. Until then, a mom needs to realize that things are going to happen that will make you want to scream and cry at the same time.

The very first challenge is having the child. Many women have a hard time with the fact that their careers are put on hold for at least the first few months of their new babys life. Many women work hard to create a future for themselves by going to college, getting trained in their desired field, or starting their own business. It is medically necessary for the new mother to take a break after giving birth.

After the maternity leave is over, there becomes another challenge which is finding dependable child care. Not only is it hard to find someone to watch the child, it is often very expensive. In order to get back to work and careers, mothers need help making sure the child is safe and is developing social skills.

After childcare issues comes school age issues. For those moms that have stayed with their child for the first few years will often have a hard time on the first day of school. During the day, the child would normally be home with mom but when school starts, the child is gone most of the day. Most moms cry the first day of preschool.

After elementary school and middle school, the child will bring a new set of challenges that most parents do not understand. Peer pressure, school work and hormonal changes turns the sweet child into a stranger. There are ways to help your teenage cope with pressures that seem to help them make the right decisions in this critical time of their lives.

The more the teen is active with others their age doing productive activities, the lower the chances of them doing something that will damage their education and future lives. Sports and clubs often help with keeping the teens head engaged in what is important. Any school activities are also helpful in teaching them how to make decisions that are right for them.

After the teen graduates from high school, the next big decision is when and where to go to college. This can be a hard time for both the parents and the child but the more they are informed, the easier time they will have to choose the right college. When they go to college, the parents will often experience what is known as empty nest syndrome.

When they graduate from college, it is nothing unusual if they decide to move back in with their parents. This is a time they will often seek advice on finding their way through life. They will often use this time to find a place of employment and find a partner that will help them achieve their goals in life.

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