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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Forms Of Hair Loss Treatment DE

By Mark Patterson

There are many cases of hair loss that are temporary, for instance if it is as a result of chemotherapy. Others can be permanent, for instance if it is part of ageing and thus will not need any treatment. Hair loss might cause emotional distress, which is what makes what many people seek treatment. When considering hair loss treatment DE residents should know the different options. If the loss is because of an underlying problem, solving the problem will solve the hair loss.

The use of medications is one of the options one can consider. Minoxidil is an example of effective medication that is used by men and women. It is available as a lotion which is bought over the counter. It is bought from pharmacies and applied daily on the scalp. Stronger versions can be used if the mild ones do not yield results.

When the stronger forms are used, there are possible side effects such as dryness and itching of affected areas. To realize results, the medication should be applied for a number of months. If usage is stopped, balding will resume. In such a case, if there were hairs already re-growing, they will fall off after you stop treatment. The other FDA approved medication is finasteride which is designed for men. It is available on private prescriptions and is in the form of a tablet taken everyday.

The medication works by preventing testosterone from getting converted into dihydro-testosterone. The latter is the hormone that leads to shrinking of follicles of hair, consequently blocking its production and allowing normal growth. It takes some 3 to 6 months for growth to be observed. If treatment is stopped, balding starts after between 6 to 12 months. Side effects are rare, with a few men experiencing erectile dysfunction and low sex drive.

Surgery is an option that works and can thus be considered. People considering surgical options are those suffering from male or female pattern baldness. Surgery is normally used only when less invasive procedures have failed to bear fruit. Success of surgery depends the surgeon because like any surgical procedure, there are possible complications.

One can consider hair transplant. In this, local anesthesia is used. There will be removal of a small scalp piece from an area with lots of hair. That piece will be divided into single hairs or groups of hairs which are then grafted onto areas with no hairs. Transplanting is done over several sessions. The sessions should be 12 months apart.

The other option is scalp reduction which involves removing pieces if bald scalp from the top of the head. It is done to move sections that are hairy adjacent to each other. This is done through cutting loose skin before the scalp is stitched back together. This can also be done through tissue expansion.

Tissue expansion is whereby a balloon is placed below the scalp. It is then inflated over several weeks so that the skin is expanded in stages. The balloon is finally removed. The procedure is not used for male pattern baldness.

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