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Monday, May 29, 2017

Homeopathic Medicine Houston - And The World

By Michelle Price

Homeopathy treats disorders by using tiny (sub-microscopic) amounts of any one or combination of a myriad of substances. The therapeutic substance is chosen according to symptoms displayed by a person, not all of which are directly related to the illness. This system of treatment was developed in the late eighteenth century by a German physician. It's easy to find homeopathic medicine Houston, Texas, since it's use is widespread all over the world.

This branch of medicine is often reviled by 'experts', who say that there is no scientific basis for its efficacy and no clinical proof of it, either. It's therefore surprising that it's so popular. Mountain bikers who work nine to five on weekdays and then engage in strenuous activity on the week-ends refuse to give up their arnica montana pills, gels, and ointments. Millions have the remedies in their cupboards, and the manufacture of homeopathy is a major industry.

Mothers give their toddlers Ferr Phos 6X (these designations refer to the 'potency' of the remedy) for a fever. Although the fever is not repressed entirely, it will be kept within safe bounds while it does it's curative work. A fever is a natural reaction to infection, after all, and has a beneficial function. There is no known side effect to this remedy, unlike the liver damage possibilities of other over-the-counter fever medicines.

The basic idea of natural healing is to 'do no harm'. This mantra has long been forgotten by conventional western medicine, which seems to operate on the notion that some harm is OK as long as the illness is alleviated. If the side effects result in conditions that require further treatment, there will be another pharmaceutical drug to address that.

Millions prefer to use homeopathy. The FDA-approved and regulated remedies could, as the 'experts' attest, have only a placebo effect. If that is true, so what? If this placebo effect is so powerful, why not harness it and escape the possible consequences of pharmaceutical drug use. If the patient was going to recover anyway, why prescribe strong and possibly injurious drugs?

Those suffering from allergies, aches and pains, nerve damage, the common colds and flu of winter, and the agonies of chronic pain have found relief with homeopathic medicine. People use the remedies for bladder infections, asthma, skin rashes and acne, nervous tension, anxiety, and depression. They address these ills without great expense, with no toxic side effects, and with no danger of addiction.

The man who developed this system was an eighteenth-century German physician. He saw both the benefits and the horrific results of his profession. Many feel that he must have been guided by God to create a system that so many find helpful if not life-saving. He tried his theories on himself, basing his research on the idea that a substance that would produce certain symptoms when taken in large doses could cure those symptoms when used in minute amounts.

The method involves diluting a substance and subjecting the dilution to shaking in order to increase its benefits. After a specified series of dilutions, the active ingredient may not even be detectable with a microscope, but its effects will be heightened. There are holistic practitioners in Houston Texas, and the lower potency remedies are available over the counter in health stores, pharmacies, and grocery stores.

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