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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Things To Know About Brain Facts And Myths

By Amy Carter

As what others say, a bigger brain does not guarantee a cognitive power. Many think that humans the smartest species on the planet. There are actually myths or falsehoods that are expected and believed nowadays. Some of them are stated are true while some are not. However, they often disguise as truths and passed along without further questions.

Basically, it takes more courage to challenge the legitimacy of a myth covered in scientific language. As you can see, myths about the cerebrum have been challenging and hard to quash since the brain is not fully understood. But as the years go by, scientists have learned enough to dishonor some popular Brain Facts and Myths.

There are falsehoods and common facts behind the statements. Actually, many people believed that their brains are used all the time. Although some consider it as a myth but some say it is true since every individual is using their brains on a daily basis. For example, reading his article involves using the frontal lobes to understand and comprehend whilst the cerebellum helps you remain circulating blood, seated, and breathing.

Secondly, doing some crossword puzzles can maintain a young brain. As you can see, crosswords are not just enjoyable fun, they are also helpful to improve your skill in finding words but they do not often help the overall memory or cognition of your cerebrum. People assume that playing a crossword every day helps prevent dementia but there is no proof to support such claim.

This is because playing crosswords only bend as one part of your brain which is word finding. Even if these are helpful in finding words, it does not keep the sharpness of your cerebrum in a great sense. Another myth is that the personality of an individual shows both right and left brain dominance. There are times when you heard that an individual who is left brained is more technical whilst the right brained ones are more creative.

There is also a research that two hemispheres work together in complex processing. Basically, language processing, for instance, was once believed to be the main source of the left hemisphere. But it turns out that left side is for grammar while the right is processing intonation.

Another myth is that the cerebrum will be damaged permanently. This is actually not wrong. In fact, it repairs or compensates for a particular loss and could generate new cells. There are people who think that every individual is born with restricted cells and if any of them are damaged, you can never get them back.

Some people say that consuming alcoholic drinks kill cells. But the truth is, moderate drinking does not kill cells and while too much drinking can damage the hemisphere but not because of the cell death. Basically, alcoholic individuals may experience damage because of too much drinking which may cause problems in cell communication.

After so many decades of study, researchers have started to understand how to design and improve effective tools to keep and enhance cerebrum functions. Exercises are made to speed up and enhance the functions. Each exercise is proven by scientists to help individuals think faster, remember more, and focus better. These improvements help for whatever things to you such as family, friends, and work.

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