Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Tips For Readings From San Diego Mediums

By Patrick Watson

Losing someone close can be difficult to accept, even years later, particularly when there was no chance to say farewells or when there were matters still unresolved. During these times, it is quite common for people to search out an individual with special psychic abilities. However, before visiting one of the talented San Diego Mediums for a reading, there are a few things of which one should be aware.

The first thing one needs to understand is that while a medium is psychic to a degree, psychics are do something completely different. Psychics actually tune in to a living person's energy field and picks up on various thing related to their life. A medium on the other hand, is linked to the spirit world and their purpose is to give voice to those who have passed from this world on to the next. They do not read minds or predict the future.

Another key point one needs to realize is that one medium may not always get messages in the same way as another, conducting their demonstrations and readings in the way best suited to their gifts and individual personality. Spirits communicate in many ways including, but not limited to, automatic writing, emotional influences, manifestation, auditory input, and visions. Some are only able to use one of these methods, while others might get multiple types of sensations at the same time.

As a conduit to another realm, the medium actually has no control over what spirit comes through during a session, how long it will stay or what it choose to share with the living. The energy and attitude of the individual getting the reading, as well as all others in the room, will have some impact on the success of the session. If everyone is positive and receptive, the results are likely to be more satisfying.

The medium - no matter how they receive their connection - does not always get very clear information. Sometimes the things a spirit is trying to convey are very clear, other times they are impressionistic and require interpretation. For instance, the image of someone in uniform could be unclear whether that person is in security, a policeman, or involved with the military. One should be patient and do not get discouraged if something is not said exact.

A key thing to remember is that the medium does not want the client to volunteer any information without them asking for further clarification. They want answers such as yes, no, maybe, and unclear, but honesty is important. In this manner they are able to fine tune their impressions and make their way to the message the spirit is trying to convey. Natural misinterpretations like those between names like Sandy and Cindy, or Police and Security, may be clarified.

The spirits may not provide their relationship connection with the client, or their name directly. It is not uncommon for them to provide the medium impressions of things that were defining to them specifically such as health issues, familial connections, physical traits, hobbies, favorite foods, or something else that would help a loved one recognize them.

Spirit communication is affected by personal energy so participants can impact the success of the session. The main thing is to be open minded, receptive, and positive. This allows the medium to make the clearest connection possible.

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