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Monday, June 19, 2017

Ozone Sanitation Is Safe And Healthy For People And The Planet

By Brenda Howard

People are more aware of germs, and the diseases that result from them, than earlier generations were. They were not as careful about making sure food preparation areas were kept sanitized. It was not unusual for families to leave food out for an extended period, simply covering it and leaving it on the kitchen table for the next meal. Today most adults are concerned with sanitizing their environment, but are hesitant about the chemicals in products that accomplish that. Ozone sanitation is the solution for those concerned individuals.

Although many are not familiar with the terminology, when people discover the benefits of aqueous ozone, they are intrigued with the concept. This product is a natural liquid oxidizer which, when it comes into contact with organic and inorganic materials, effectively destroys them and then returns to oxygen. In doing so, the liquid eliminates harmful contaminants and pathogens two hundred times more powerfully than chlorine. It works three thousand times faster than bleach.

The oxidizer is environmentally friendly in addition to being powerfully effective. It has no harmful side effects on humans or plant life. Because it doesn't require heat, it reduces the energy necessary for many other products. The liquid leaves no byproducts. All that is left behind from the oxidation process is oxygen.

As stated, it has been accepted for use by various government agencies. The Model Aquatic Health Code manages safety and health issues regarding swimming facilities, and this product fulfills all of its guidelines. The Environment Protection Agency approves it in a category with only two products, antiseptics and antibiotics. It meets the Underwriters Laboratory and OSHA's standards and has been accepted for use as a disinfectant in food preparation areas by the Food and Drug Administration.

Every summer that are public pools and water rides that have to shut down because visitors have gotten sick after using them. Private pools must be carefully maintained even though they are not subject to the same kind of use. Common pathogens routinely found in swimming facilities include E.coli and salmonella. An ozone sanitizing system will destroy these pathogens and many others two hundred times better than chlorine.

This liquid works very effectively with cold water, which saves energy. It also makes it a great product for sanitation in areas where using hot water is either not in abundant supply or inconvenient to reach. This makes it excellent for sanitizing in outdoor areas and at remote locations.

Ozone also saves money. As stated it does not require the use of hot water to be effective. This saves energy. The liquid reduces the amount of time needed to disinfect surfaces, used in the food industry for example, and eliminates the necessity for rinse cycles and repeat cycles. This frees times for employees to work elsewhere which increases their work capacity, but not their workload.

People are becoming more aware of what is in the food they eat, the materials that make the clothes they wear, and the products that clean the areas they inhabit. Fewer chemicals and unnatural preservatives are the goal for them. It just makes sense to use the natural resources available that are safe, powerful, and leave no footprint behind.

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