Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Top 4 Arboviruses Long Island Mosquito Control Companies Can Prevent

By David Kellan

If you're familiar with mosquitoes, there's a possibility that you're also familiar with the arboviruses that they spread. These come in many forms, some more common than others, and to say that they have negative consequences would be an understatement. Which ones should you be most aware of? Here are 4 arboviruses that mosquito control Long Island specialists will be able to tell you about at great length.

Zika Virus - This is seen as the most common mosquito-borne virus, which makes sense given how many people know the name. The Zika virus is most common in southern states, Florida included, and its symptoms are easily recognizable. The development of a rash and fever are just a few examples that the likes of Alternative Earthcare can draw your attention to. Any Long Island mosquito control company will tell you that this arbovirus is worth learning about.

Dengue Fever - While it also goes by the name of "breakbone fever," most people know it simply as dengue. One of the most prominent characteristics of dengue fever is that it arises in places where tropical and subtropical weather is common. Africa and South America fall under this umbrella, meaning that travelers should be mindful of their surroundings. The fact that dengue can result in such problems like nausea and vomiting only increases the need for the mosquito control services discussed earlier.

West Nile Virus - Next, it's important to be aware of the West Nile virus and the problems it can cause. There are some people who will experience traditional symptoms, which include fever, headaches, and even seizures. However, most people with this illness don't experience any symptoms at all, meaning that diagnosis can be a challenge. The fact that roughly 80 percent of patients don't have problems like the ones mentioned earlier only makes West Nile worth researching further.

Yellow Fever - Not unlike dengue, yellow fever is most common in tropical and subtropical locations alike. There are many ways to find if someone has this illness, but the most common is jaundice. For those that don't know, jaundice is the development of yellowish eyes and skin, which is where yellow fever gets its name. When it comes to mosquito-borne arboviruses, one can make the argument that this stands out the most from a physical standpoint.

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