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Friday, June 16, 2017

Useful Facts About Laser Hair Removal Portland

By Joyce Williams

The use of lasers for removing unwanted hairs is one of the most used cosmetic procedures. With this technique, there is the use of beams of light that are highly concentrated to selectively penetrate into follicles. They are absorbed by the melanin in skin and thus destroy hairs in the follicles. There are various types of lasers developed over time and which are used for the removal process. In considering laser hair removal Portland residents ought to know what the treatment involves.

There are many reasons why laser hair removal is the preference for many. The procedure is aimed to remove unwanted hairs caused by excess growth or in some cases for people who want to get a new look. Majority of people who opt for this procedure have to go for multiple sessions to realize positive outcomes. Most sources of lights used are approved by the FDA and will remove hairs after some time.

The color of hairs and skin type have an influence on how successful the procedure will be. For instance, it will be most effective for people with light skins and dark hairs because naturally, lasers target melanin which is the pigment that determines color of hairs. Over time however and with advances in technology, even people with darker skins can go for the procedure. The treatment is not generally effective for red, white or blond hair.

People who look to go for this procedure should opt for experienced and qualified doctors. They should be doctors that are board certified in such specialties as dermatology or cosmetic surgery. They should also have enough experience with the procedure. In case it is to get done by licensed nurses, it must be done under supervision of qualified physicians or doctors.

There are some requirements before one goes for the procedure. A review of medical history and medications that one has used in the past is one of the first things to do. This will also involve discussing risks, expectations and benefits of the procedure, including what the treatment offers. During the consultation, there will be a discussion about the treatment plan and all related costs.

There are some tips on ways to prepare for this procedure. You will be expected to keep away from sunlight. It is known that tan increases your risk of side effects, for example skin tightening. If there is tan, one will be required to wait until it completely fades before starting treatment. There are doctors that will recommend that you keep away from sunlight for up to six weeks prior to treatment. This ensures that treatment is more effective.

Waxing, plucking and electrolysis need to be avoided. These methods are known to lead to disturbance of follicles of hairs and therefore interfere with removal. Shaving is however allowed because it is known to preserve follicles. In fact, it is a recommendation that one shaves to ensure lasers do not target hairs above the skin.

Use of lasers will not guarantee permanent removal of hairs. It is possible that after the procedure some hairs will still be growing. There are risks that are expected like pigment change and irritation of the skin but these are never serious.

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