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Saturday, July 15, 2017

To Know More About Neck Pain Greenbelt MD Is Worth Visiting

By Daniel Murphy

A neck is a part of a human body that connects the head to rest of the body. It is made up of a series of small bones that extend from the skull to the upper torso. The bones have cervical discs in between that act as shock absorbers in case of an accident. This series of bones is referred to as vertebrae. For more information regarding neck pain Greenbelt MD needs to be visited.

The head is supported by the vertebrae together with the neck muscles hence bringing about movements. Abnormalities in arrangement of the bones usually cause neck pains. The pains can also be due to an injury or damage of cervical discs. This causes necks to be stiff and there after become painful. The pains may occur once or they may occur frequently. The pains can also be often because of several factors.

Poor posture or overuse can lead to reoccurrence of pains. Stiffness comes as a result of sitting at one place for long time. Sometimes injuries can cause these pains to occur. For instance, a car accident or sports accidents can lead to the pains persisting. Normally, these pains are not very bad conditions but in the case of it being as a result of an injury, it is recommendable to seek medication.

It is caused by various factors which include Poor posture, extended periods of working at a desk with not change in position, sleeping with the necks in bad position or jerking necks during exercise. Necks are very vulnerable, especially to injuries. Falls, car accidents and sports force neck bones to move out of their normal range. This can result to a fracture which also can affect the spinal cord.

Symptoms for other diseases can result into these pains too. Such diseases include heart attack and meningitis. For those who are aware of these symptoms, they are supposed to go immediately for examination. One is advised to seek for medication when the pains continu for more than a week. This can be an emergency case.

Physical examination is first done before treating the pain. Doctors diagnosis is also very vital. Sending the patient to a specialist can be a requirement after the results of the physical examination. The treatment has simple techniques hence making it to be a simple way of treatment. The treatment involves the use of heat treatment and ice.It mostly involves stretching and physical therapy. The patient can also be given medications of the pain.

One may require a collar in order to regain the normal position of the neck. The doctor can prescribe some antibiotics in the case of an infection. It is not common for the patient to undergo surgery. One can treat while at home the normal neck pains. Ice treatment can be applied for some days.

Using painkillers to relieve pain. Exercising necks occasionally prevents stiffness. Practicing a good posture especially if ones occupation requires them to sit down for long periods of time. When sleeping a person should change over and they should use a pillow. One can also do gentle massages on their necks every day.

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